Edit audio chunks.

I sometimes need audacity to edit pieces of audio,so I have 2 questions?
A) whats the optimal way to transfer a chunk of sound to Audacity?
Ctrl+C Ctrl+V should work, or no?
B) Whats the correct name for “chunk” ? Using search in manual, im sure using wrong word.

there’s no “good” workflow for this - it’s been a feature request for years.

Ardour does not put data into the system clipboard, so Ctrl-C etc. will not work. It would be untenable in the general case anyway, since the data might be several GB of audio.

what you need to do is to export the region or a time range into a new file, edit it, then reimport it.

but … what is it that you need to do in audacity that you cannot do in Ardour?

Dynamic tempo change is a plugin I like there a lot, makes cool sound somtimes. Anyway, I come to this from other side, sometimes not trying to do anything in particular, but just see what happens if I apply this or that - there’s never too much functions,lol