Edirol UA-25 crashes windows 11 when initialising audio engine (SOLVED)

Hi, I hope someone can help. After some research I managed to install Roland drivers for the Edirol UA25 device on my Windows 11 Laptop (albeit they were for Windows 8.1 as official drivers after that time have not been issued by Roland).

The device appears to be recognised by Ardour (7.1) under ASIO as UA-25 but when trying to initialise the Audio Engine, Ardour crashes after around 10 seconds. The Device works fine in Cakewalk and Reaper. It will also work with the MME Driver in Ardour but the latency is bad when recording.

According to Task Manager Ardour is still running in the background when it crashes. I have to restart the laptop in order to use the interface again, it seems to be locked in use by Ardour running in the background (unable to end task in Task Manager).

Any help would be appreciated. Incidentally the Device works fine under Ardour 7.1 under Fedora 37 (pipewire/alsa) but can’t get all my Windows plugins to work with that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Does enabling “Buffered I/O” in Ardour’s Audio/MIDI setup help?

Some older device drivers require that (the driver’s hardware buffer cannot be directly used).

Hi Robin,

It does indeed, thank you !
I’d spent days on this trying to resolve this, and this did it immediately.

Thank you so much!


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