edirol UA 101 set up

how do i get my edirol ua 101 to work on your software?

i have downloaded jack control and tried to start ardour with it set up as usb audio device but it comes up with an error message which reads:

Ardour could not start jack

there are several possible reasons:

  1. you requested audio parameters that are not supported
  2. jack is running as another user

i dont think im doing any of the things it has suggested here. i have no idea what im doing though so can someone please help me?

thank youi

First question, does it work with other software on your OS(Which you don’t specify so it makes giving help difficult)?

Second Question, have you read this… http://en.flossmanuals.net/Ardour ?


my os is ubuntu lucid lynx

sorry i should of mentioned that, i have never been brave enough to do sound processing on linux but i know other people have managed it with this sound card on ubuntu

and the instructions seem a bit un helpfull apparently my sound card should work straight out of the bag because of some recent upgrade to the “kernal”?

i think i may have messed up the installation somewhere down the line.

This looks like a problem that occurs if you have not added your username to the audio group. This should now be done automatically when you install ardour / jack on ubuntu, but I haven’t always found it reliable. I posted some stuff about it here:


You should pay particular attention to adding your username to the audio group. I think the other modifications are actually getting done correctly, but if you are not added to the correct group then jack will not be able to start.