Edirol FA-101 (Firewire) interface on Lubuntu, Macbook Pro - "Failed to open audio device"


I’m experiencing the issue mentioned in the title when trying to open a new project. The Edirol interface is clearly detected but I can’t “start” it. I have referred to other threads with people claiming similar behaviour but they seem to have somewhat different problems and I couldn’t apply the same solutions here.

Background: Unfortunately I am totally new to Linux and I only managed to install it by following instructions word by word from helpful websites. I’m running Lubuntu, which I have moved to as a lightweight alternative due to the GPU defect with Macbook Pros from 2011. Essentially, the GPU fails so you have to disable it and run on the integrated Intel graphics chip, meaning OSX is choppy as hell and Logic now refuses to start.



Hi Ralf. Thank you! Just saw your response and tried this. All working now. Don’t really understand :slight_smile: - I thought the sampling frequency could be changed. Perhaps it’s a feature of more sophisticated interfaces/sound cards. Either way, cheers!


Check the sampling frequency. Ardour must have the same sampling frequency as on the soundcard.

I’ve missed it a bunch of times changing between 44.1 and 48 khz.

Hope it helps.


It can be changed, but it must be changed both on the soundcard and in Ardour (or in Jack).