Echo Gina 20 question

not ardour-centric, but is it possible to use the analog inputs and the digital inputs on the gina20 simultaneously?

I got a Line6 POD X3 a while back, and it has digital outs. I can record with those if I set jack to use hw:0,1 (0,0 is the analog pair). I tried using hw:0 and specifying 4 inputs, but jack complained. I’d really like to have more than 2 simultaneous channels on this card if possible.

sounds like you need the ALSA multi plugin, via an .asoundrc. Go here:

There’s an example of multi useage 2/3 of the way down.

I have a similar setup, with a Layla3G, using the analog and digital I/O simultaneously. However, you may run into a JACK issue (excessive xruns) with an RT kernel if you also happen to have a dual-CPU machine. I did, and thus I am forced to use a vanilla kernel to get acceptable performance.

I basically copy-and-pasted the .asoundrc file from that page and changed 1,0 to 0,1. I started jack via command line and ardour saw 4 inputs. I haven’t tried to record anything like that yet. Thanks so much for your help

I have another question, though. Is there any way to specify ttable through qjackctl?

You can just type ttable in the interface box (where it normally says (default) or hw:0,0). ttable is also just an identifier, so you can call it whatever you want in the .asoundrc. For example, in mine I have defined pcm.layla-adat{} as well as pcm.layla-spdif{} for when I use the adat vs. spdif i/o. Of course the only difference between them is the number of channels (16 or 10 respectively), since I have to use the EchoMixer utility to actually change the input setting.

This seems to work great! Thanks a lot.

I just need to figure out how to use the extra 6 outputs on this card (at least 2 of them)