Easy way to get tempo (BPM) of imported audio file

What is the easiest way to get the BPM of an imported audio file?

I tried using Vamp tempo map test LUA script and got a bunch of numbers that I am not sure what to do with. (See attached screenshot)

Also I know the clip states the BPM, I am just trying to test out functionality.

Those are positions of beats sample-position of a given beat. Ignoring the pickup (beat 4). you get

  • distance between beat 2 and beat 1: 69625 - 48459 = 21166 samples per beat
  • distance between beat 3 and beat 2: 90791 - 69625 = 21166 samples per beat

assuming a sample-rate of 44.1kHz

44100 [samples/sec] / 21166 [samples / beat] * 60 [sec/min] = 125 beats/min

It seems to be slowing down. The 2nd bar (153732 - 129781) is only 110 BPM.

If you are only interested in the BPM, you might be better off with Aubio Beat Tracker, or BeatRoot Vamp plugins:

Alternatively, import it, then define either a time range selection or a region that you feel represents one bar, then use Edit > Tempo operations to define the tempo and see what you get.

Found another way to do it, drag the clip in cue mode like shown below: