Easy One : Auto - STOP / RETURN after Punch Out

So …

Is this possible ; Auto-stop and return to last position automatically after punch out ?

Toni .

Punch-out is specifically designed for situations where you will not manually intervene to stop recording but plan to leave the transport rolling.

As a result, no this is not possible. Stop-and-auto-return is entirely possible, of course.

In REAPER I have this feature ; Record mode : Time selection auto punch and when I have recorded the material and press stop … the play cursor returns to the previous position . Is this implemented in Ardour ?
Or am I missing something ?

Toni .

I tried to make it clear that we do not. Auto-punch in Ardour is designed for punching in over existing material where the user does not plan to stop the transport as a signal to stop recording.

Note that if you have auto-return enabled, and you actualy press stop, ardour will return to the starting position.

This behavior is independent of auto-punch.

Just for clarity, it looks like you requested two different behaviors:

Emphasis added. This behavior as Paul mentioned, does not exist in Ardour.

Again emphasis added. Also as Paul mentioned, there is already in Ardour functionality so that any time you press stop, it returns to where transport was started from (Auto-Return which can be found under the transport menu)…

So if you are looking at functionality for transport to stop itself, that doesn’t exist. But if you are hitting stop, then Auto-Return accomplishes what you want (Whether you are in a punch recording or not).


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