Dynamic Range meter

This German site http://www.dynamicrange.de/en/faqtech-info provides a lot of information on the subject “dynamic range”. They are trying to give a wake-up call for everybody in the music business so we all start to make better recordings, mixes
masters and CD`s.
They have together with some major Plug-ins companies made a Dynamic Range Meter (Open Source) + an offline version that can be downloaded. So far it is VST-PC but
a AU version will come in May. Could it be interesting for Ardour to impliment the meter ?.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to integrate such meters into Ardour. Though it would be nice to have such more advanced meters as plugins. Maybe LV2?

The article you linked mentions the K-System for wich a nice standalone jack-capable meter allready exists - jkmeter, downloadable from here: http://www.kokkinizita.net/linuxaudio/downloads/index.html

More information about the K-System and other leveling/mastering/audio related articles can be found here: http://www.digido.com/media/articles-and-demos.html