Dynamic Equalizer

Hi. Is there a dynamic Eq for Linux?

Yep! There is Zam audio plugin which includes a dynamic eq plugin.



I’ve been using the aforementioned Zam plugin successfully for something like ducking certain frequencies in difficult situations…

I’d also suggest you take a look into Harrison’s XT-SC Spectral Compressor, which might do what you want and already ships with Ardour as a demo version…

Thank you. I will try these plugins now.

While not ideal, there is always the possibility to use Windows VSTs with a bridge like GitHub - robbert-vdh/yabridge: A modern and transparent way to use Windows VST2 and VST3 plugins on Linux or similar.

Also if you do not mind Commercial Plugins, Harrison offers some plugins that can serve a similar purpose as a dynamic EQ in their “Character Bundle” Mixbus Plugins - Music Recording Software for Audio Post Production - Harrison Audio Consoles Tom-Gate, Vocal and Bass Character Effects are effectively dynamic EQs.


Thanks Robin. I use linvst as the windows bridge. Can you give me some advice on which plugin would be good for dynamic Eq? And one more question about linvst: If I start a windows plugin via linvst in ardour, then everything works fine. But as soon as I make setting in the plugin, the space button (music on/music off) doesn’t work anymore. Then i have to click outside the plugin and then the space button (music on/off) works again. With LV2 plugins the space button always works.

for free, TDR Nova is very good

for money, Fabfilter pro Q3 takes some beating for interface and functionality

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Indeed… but AFAIK it’s available only for windows and Mac. The windows version works just fine on Linux using yabridge or linvst, though.

Talking about native, on Reaper there’s “ReaXcomp”. On windows Reaper’s plugins can be used also on other DAWs, there’s the “ReaPlugs” package which is exactly for that purpose. But no Linux version of that have been released. I’m not sure whether the VSTs distributed with the Linux version of the main software are just regular VSTs which can run also on other DAWs or not.

I believe a dynamic EQ is planned for the excellent LSP suite:

We’ll just need some patience I guess :wink:


He’s been working on that 2.0 release for over a year - it involves a major rewrite of all the code. I had proposed a multiband saturator plugin ala Calf that he expressed interest in, but all of that has to wait until he’s done rewriting the code. It will also come with a new GUI from what I understand.

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Harrison’s AVA Multiband Compressor can act as a dynamic equalizer:

And maybe send funds.
An LSP Multiband Dynamic EQ would be ideal

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