Dynamic clip based gain

It would be great to be able to be able to adjust gain of waveforms within region (pre-fader). I think it’s called dynamic clip based gain.

In the video from Avid guys check out @ 2.05 regarding clip based gain


This is already supported if I’m thinking of what you’re talking about.

Select your region, then under the ‘Region’ menu, select ‘Properties…’. You can adjust the region gain there.

That’s for Ardour3, I think the path is a bit different for older versions but the functionality is identical.

That takes too long to sort out if u gotta match lots of tracks. Much quicker to just slice & drag waveform’s height of the selection, just like in video.


I suggest using the hotkeys ^ and & then

A feature request I have put in IIRC, is to remove the artificial +6dB limit on increasing gain, but other than that I tihnk it is exactly what you are looking for and already implemented(Has been for some time in fact). Combined with region gain curves which accomplish the last part of what they discuss, just without the visual updates to the waveform for the gain curves(Which personally I wouldn’t want I don’t think, to easy to miss details with negative gain curves). So you have two features you seem to want that aren’t in Ardour already…

  1. Remove the artificial +6dB gain limit. I call this artificial because you can actually using the method plingativator mentioned above increase to any amount of gain, and you can always reduce from that. Normalization to 0dB will also add more than 6dB of region gain as well, so again artificial.

  2. You seem to want region waveforms to reflect the region gain curves, which I am not positive is a good idea as I mentioned above, but you should put it in Mantis anyways and discussion can happen there.


What is Mantis?

I am not really looking for a normalize function. I just wish to be able to match peaks of certain waveforms just like in that video. That process is quick & very handy to obtain more static mix prior to compression and fader automation.

Yes what I described is not a normalize function, as I stated use the hotkeys ^ and & as they modify region gain and are visually reflected in the size of the waveform.

What I mentioned Normalize for is that there is currently an artificial 6dB limit that you can increase a particular region’s gain using this technique(And INF decrease) but the end result of the technique is the same as the normalize function, which doesn’t have that limitation, and the region properties gain function mentioned above, which also doesn’t have that limitation. That limitation should be removed is my point and is a feature request that you would likely want to support to do so.

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