Duplicating MIDI Regions

When I duplicate a MIDI region using Shift-d, I find that the duplicated region does not align correctly with the start of the bar, it is very slightly late. So if you duplicate a large number, the timing goes out. My example is a MIDI drum track where the beats no longer fit to the rest of the song after duplicating say 30 bars (regions in my case). I can move the region back to align correctly using the middle mouse button and dragging. I have checked that the original region is spot on the start and end of it’s bar (as best as I can see). This is a loop that I want to apply to the whole song.

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This seems to be a bug report, and thus should be filed at tracker.ardour.org, along with an exceedingly precise recipe for reproducing the behavior. Thanks.


I don’t understand. This is a pre-existing bug report about a different issue.

@andy how slightly late is each duplicate? is it just 1 audio-sample per duplicate?

-> https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=7786

Hi @x42, please excuse me and tell me if i hijack this thread.

I encounter the same behavior at home.
Did not noticed that as i always made pastes 1 by 1 ,ie i set the playhead with kb arrows( magnet mode) then paste and again.

I tried to multiple paste, when doing this, the 2nd and 3rd and so pasted midi regions gets a gap beetween them, i m almost sure it is more than 1 sample as i can see it even in not too much zoomed scales, and the gap does not seem to be consistent , sometime 2 pasted regions could be well “glued” each others and the gap does not seems to vary in lenght.

Please do not discuss this here. Please file or find a suitable bug report and add DETAILED recipes and information.

That means including details such as:

  • sample rate
  • buffer size
  • region length
  • grid/quantize settings
  • precise size of the error (in samples)

and as many other things as possible

We do not care about your OS or your audio hardware for this purpose.

Ok @paul l will do so , do not have any time atm but may do so a bit later.

Thanks Paul.
I’ve used Ardour for 5 years, and this is my first problem. I normally do
drums by linking Hydrogen through Jack, but this is my first time using
loops and duplication. I’ll report this.

Hi Robin

this is the correct bug. I can’t say how much the lateness is, but it is


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I’ve noticed it too.

I have subsequently found that if you grab a part of a midi clip using the
Internal Edit Mode, you can copy and paste within the same region without
losing any timing. I have made one large midi region for the whole song,
and am grabbing groups of bars within that region. Which is not the same as
grabbing the whole region and copying and pasting that.

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