duplicate track?

Hello there fellow ardourianz!
I was wondering if theres a quick way to duplicate a track, with all the inserts,automation, sample, regions and such and such, basically just completely duplicate a track?


@stinni: no, sorry. the fastest way is to (1) save the track as a template (2) add a new track from the template (3) click the “p” button in its track header (editor window) and make it use the same playlist as the original. That will not duplicate automation, however.

However, what are you actually trying to do? There’s normally a different way to do it …

Hello. What is your usecase ? There are probably some alternatives to track duplicating depending on your usecase.

@paul: true , there could be, I was just thinking for example I had two back vocals and I wanted to pan one to left and one to right , and then I would tweak each one just a little bit by taste, so basically they’ll have the same setup but I would be able to tweak them just a tiny to taste. hehehe don’t know if I’m clear enough.
let me know if you understand my brilliant explaining technique :wink:
again thanks for your fast responds.

@stinni: you should still explain what your goal was, because there may be a better way …

brilliant, thanks Paul!
that’ll be good enough for me… I was just wondering because I feel like I have been using it before but have no memory of what I was doing … this is good enough answer for me.
cheers to you all from iceland.
Ardour all the way!

Someone else may have a better idea, but I would simply send the one track via two buses - put all the common processing and automation on the main track, and do the tweaking on the buses. That way you use less CPU as well - I always do that instead of multing the original track…

@Matt Francomb: that’s brilliant! thanks allot Matt, my question has been answered and more, off to saving some CPU :slight_smile:
cheers guys and thanks for the help!

has this feature been added? or is it still not possibly to duplicate a track.

The reason i want to do it is i have a midi bass track using calf fluidsynth. The soundfont im using has a nice deep bass sound but no real content above 300hz of any use, so i want to duplicate the track and use a different bass sound and blend the 2.

If you’re simply trying to make a “backup” copy of your audio recording before editing around here’s the procedure: 1) right click in Track overview and add a new audio track 2) ctrl + left drag to pull a copy of the track down into the new track.

Since this old thread was revived: Ardour has a “duplicate track” feature these days. It was introduced in Ardour 4.6.