Duplicate MIDI Track - some resultant notes not sounding

Ardour 6.9 (and 6.8) - if I duplicate a General MIDI Track then change the voice, some MIDI notes are shortened or not sounding at all.

Same happens if I create a blank track and copy MIDI regions to it (control-drag) - notes get shortened. Even if I delete the notes and add others in place, the new notes are shortened, or don’t play.

Any ideas?
Ubuntu 16.04 - hmm, maybe it’s a wee bit out of date - could that be the reason?


When a note-off event occurs a synth sound will continue playing for a time determined by the envelope generator. Are you sure that the note-off changes position, and that it isn’t just that you changed from a sound with a long release to a sound with a short release?

Hi Chris,

Maybe, but all the notes are the same length in the MIDI display - and only some of them get changed when copying, not all of them. It is most odd, and seems to happen a lot when copying regions across tracks. It seemed to start happening on 6.1-ish onwards.

I do a lot of copying regions about, so this is stopping me do my thing, unfortunately.

Also happens when I unlink copies too.


Hm, looks like - just yesterday - I had not been able to simply copy a number of midi notes - in edit mode “E” - from one track to another (trying to create a unisono section across 2 instruments.)
Being in the middle of a production I did not want to start bug hunting, so I ended in re-entering the notes in the region of the other instrument.

Hope I can re-investigate once I have time, because this is not the way I should do things.

Using 6.9

Looks like it s dupe of this one Ardour 6.8 destroyed my MIDI regions! - #21 - maybe never fixed until the Midi thing is sorted.

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