Dumb joke

So I stumble into that chatroom #opensourcemusicians and they’re discussing a song that’s been submitted to a sort of non-contest, now the author would like some extra tracks, but the timing of the original makes it difficult, they say.
Me, incredulous, downloads the tune and finds it’s true, so I make a tempo map at first. After all that editing, I feel the need for revenge, so I create a overhumanized drumtrack.
To cut a long story short, in the end it was a fake Punk Rock Band playing a spirited jam at a fake venue.
I find that comic, but back at the chatroom I didn’t get all the LOLs, LMAOs and ROFLs I wanted, so I’m trying here.

Original: clyp.it/1lrc0xzq
1st edit: clyp.it/onk25vhd
Final result: clyp.it/g2ha1why

Well played! I love the final result.

I was surprised by the effect myself, it means our brains are being tricked, like imperfection=authenticity. That’s why I took the project further, added the crowd (they’re all saying ‘blah’) etc. . And, is it funny?
Wahrscheinlich kõnten wir auch deutsch reden…

Well you are very skilled to added the base and drums to the initial track, sounds very convincing as a real band though more a garage band then a punk band to my ears.

As far as the real playing is concerned, credit goes to Mike Holstein - I think you can find him out there in the webs.