Dual-micing a single source: multiple tracks as one

A common technique in the studio that I use frequently is to mic the same source with more than one mic. In ardour, I will end up with two separate tracks, and I may want to tweak each track individually, and adjust the relative levels. When time comes for mixing, I want to treat both these tracks as a single track, so that I can maintain their relative level, and so I only have to make all the cuts and crossfades once without worrying about duplicating it across two tracks. Can this be done in Ardour? What is the best way?

put the tracks into an edit group and their mixer strips into a mix group. then all edits will be applied to the edit group (make it active); all mixing will be done to the mix group (make it active).

conceivably you don’t want the mix group.

note: this stuff works much better in ardour 2.0 than in ardour 0.99