Ardour work with dssi??I have dssi -vst compiled and in Rosegarden after I did a dssi-vst scan, all my vsti and vst audio effects show up and work…and have a working gui.If rosegarden can use vst’s without having to compile it with vst support…why cant ardour work the same way as Rosegarden .
with ardour 3 having midi …it would be nice to be able to load vst synths in Ardour the way you can can in Rosegarden.

Actually Rosegarden just seem to support VSTi through dssi, but in reality it mostly useless, because most of VSTi samplers and synths can’t save their settings in DSSI-VST wrapper. So if you save Rosegarden project and load it back, you won’t get the sound you expect. I suppose the amount of work spent to VST support was really huge, so just a little step remains to make it all work. Otherwise efforts on VST support seem spent in vain.

Hopefully, in Ardour vestige support would improve overall VST support and VST preset & bank chunks will be supported, at least saved and loaded with the project.
This is few hours of coding, and I did it many times in my projects in Delphi, so I really wish Ardour developers would implement this too. Though I don’t know if it possible to fix this problem inside DSSI-VST cause I have no idea about DSSI standard. I wrote an e-mail with this question to dssi-vst developer but haven’t got any answer, maybe it was nuked by spam filter at the mail server… Anyway, the situation is still unclear for me… I’d be really happy to see both Ardour and Rosegarden work with VSTi samplers.

  1. Ardour3 will definitely support VSTi’s. It is not quite clear whether this will happen for 3.0 or if it will wait for 3.1.
  2. Ardour2 may support VSTi’s but obviously, since it does not record or playback MIDI, only via MIDI delivered via a plugin-specific MIDI port. That is: you can stick the instruments in a track and maybe even record their output directly into the track, but you can’t feed them with MIDI from Ardour since there is no suchthing in Ardour2.
  3. Yes, I will be adding chunk/preset support before the next release of Ardour2

That’s wonderful news!!! Fantastic! I think after those things will be done, there will be much much more ‘made in Ardour’ tracks for our attention! (from me also!).

A few more questions:

  • Will there be support for VST getTimeInfo?
  • Is there any plans for making cubase-like Time Warp function? It’s very useful feature when making mock-ups (or minus-ones) for music without a constant tempo.
  • Is it possible (or will it be possible) to create ‘PARTS’ from audio clips and then make linked copies of them? For example, you recorded a chorus of bass line, converted it to a PART and copied it to all the choruses of the song. Can editing of one PART affect all other PARTs in the song? This really optimizes the workflow.
  • Will be redesigned export dialog available in 2.x versions or only in 3.0?

Hmm… It seems that it’s roughly all things I miss to switch to Ardour… =) I really feel this moment is getting closer & closer! Thanks to all the developers!

I guess I really dont understand why a distro cant build ardour with vst support right off…I understand it has to do with license issue.but on what part,Steinberg or Linux?I understand you cant distribute the vst sdk…but why cant it be compiled by a distro.You can install flashplayer,acrobat reader,etc from repos…and the source code for that isnt freely available…whats the big deal of a repo like…debian multimedia building it.Like i said…you can install flash,adobe reader that way.

The magic word is “redistributable”.

If I agree to the Steinberger license I can use it to compile stuff against it. I can not, however, distribute that “stuff” since I the license isn’t for me to give away to someone else.

Hopefully this is a thing of the past, since Ardour as of now is using the free, reverse-engineered vestige headers for VST