DSSI-VST 0.7 Now with LADSPA extensions!


This may be old news to some of you but I thought it worth mentioning in this forum. DSSI-VST 0.7 now has LADSPA extensions so if you have used DSSI-VST before with JACK or Rosegarden now you theoretically can use it in Ardour as a LADSPA plugin.

-VST 2.3 or 2.4 support depending on what SDK you build it with
-Run 32 bit VST’s in a 64bit environment

The bummer is no VST GUI’s unless your host provides a LADSPA GUI (Ardour doesn’t) I haven’t tried it myself yet because I still use ArdourVST the “old-fashioned” way.

I may play around with it, in the meantime anyone with prior DSSI-VST experience it sure would be great to get a few hints, the documentation on implementing it is pretty sparse.

Oops, Forgot the link!

Link for DSSI-VST

On an unrelated topic…Does anyone else find this forum awkward to use compared to other forums? I find editing prior posts etc. to be very difficult. The sheer number of double posts is also strange. I know Paul prefers IRC but this forum still serves a purpose to many as well as being useful to come back to for further reading.

I compiled DSSI-VST and got it working via sends and inserts. Could you explain howto use it as a LADSPA plugin? I don´t see any additional plugin after installing DSSI-VST. I installed it in /usr/local/. My regular Ardour build is located in /usr/ as ussual on Gentoo Systems. Maybe this is the reason.



this is from teh DSSI-VST README :

To use dssi-vst: make sure DSSI_PATH is set appropriately, set
VST_PATH to a colon-separated list of the directories containing VST
plugins, and start up your DSSI host.

good luck