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Hi Guys,

anyone out there who has some infos / details / hints about any available products or plans of companies for Linux compatibility of their DSP hardware accelerated audio processing plugins?

The only thing which helds me - as a strong linux user since <1993 otherwise - back from switching over completely (from Mac to Linux) is the lack of DSP accelerated audio plugin platforms available for linux - i.e. like UAD2 (universal audio), WAVES (SoundGrid), HD/X, AAX DSP provides / are known for under Mac and Win.

Are there any projects or partnerships or similiar working on this?

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Niels Dettenbach.
dettenbach audio

From what i gather the hardware dsp is more of a way of enforcing copyright protectins as you need to card to run the plugins that go with them.
Granted they do take dsp load away from the main processor.

I doubt that you will ever see it be given linux suport, its entirly up to the companies that hold the rights to the code and hardware, and i dont think there will even be linux versions of there non hardware dependant plugins.

With todays modern high speed multicore processors the need for external DSP is much less