DSP load higher when track inactiv?


I have one MIDI track running with FM8 at 3 % CPU load. When I deactivate the track the CPU load immediately jumps to 13%.

Is this the result to be expected? No pun intended, just asking because ??

Here’s a guess, you have not disabled CPU frequency scaling.

So when there is less work to do after disabling the track. the CPU freq is lowered to save power, which in turn requires a higher CPU load.

The DSP load should decrease (check Ardour’s DSP load indicator).

Hi Robin,

yes, I meant the DSP load in Ardour, sorry, not CPU load. And it’s still the same, the moment I deactivate the Vsti the DSP load jumps from about 3 % to 12, 13, sometimes 15, then back to 10, and after a while it will settle at 8 %.

What’s also strange is that the DSP load goes up when I move my mouse. I’ve never noticed that before, is that normal??

I’m on Mac Sonoma, does that matter?

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