Drupal question

Paul: Hi, I’m an Ardour user and Drupal developer. I’m wondering about the method you’re using to track donations. It doesn’t seem to be as complex as Ubercart, and it seems entirely via PayPal buy-it-now buttons, so I’m curious about how you’re going about it. Apologies for the non-Ardour-related post; if it would work for you, you could pm me and delete this post if it’s inappropriate for the Ardour forum. Thanks!

@jake: correct, its not even remotely as complex as ubercart, which i investigated and gave up on when i realized that the concept of user-defined pricing was completely absent and way too complex for me to add. Donations are handled via the lm_paypal drupal module, which i modified to allow anonymous donations (the patch for this is referenced on the module page at drupal.org). Then I wrote my own PHP to manage PayPal account tracking, bounty tracking, payment for downloads and more You can find the code at http://subversion.ardour.org/svn/website/trunk/sites/all/modules/ardourfinance/ One big to-do item right now is that the download system doesn’t rely on PayPal IPN’s to confirm payment, but instead relies on PayPal redirecting the user’s browser back to ardour.org. A small percentage of people have this redirect disabled in their browser, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Hi Paul,
I’m using Drupal for a family genealogy website, and I’ve been searching for a PayPal module that would allow me to collect donations for a couple of preservation/restoration projects. What you have done with the Ardour Finance module is almost exactly what I’m looking to do. Would you object if I copy your module and modify to meet my needs? It would save me a good bit of time. TIA

@dude4linux: although its not clear (i’ll fix that) the module is released under the GPL, so please it under those terms. keep in mind that i still use lm_paypal as the core module for donations and subscriptions; the ardourfinance module has more to do with providing feedback on how things are going and handling digital downloads of items priced by the downloader. i suspect you really just want lm_paypal, which will likely do everything you want.

@paul: If I understand the finance module correctly, it provides the progress bar and number of Subscribers, which is what I’m looking for in addition to the lm_paypal module. I will need to modify the module slightly because I have two projects with two fixed goals. I want to allow donors to choose which project they want to support and an amount in either US dollars or Euros. I saw that it was released under the GPL, but I thought it would be nice to let you know I was using it. When I get the changes working, I’ll send a link to my website. Thanks again.