drumvk1 and ardour

Hi again.

I’ve been trying to use drumvk1 with Ardour. I load some percussion samples into drumvk1, and this works fine. I can hit a key on the MIDI keyboard and hear the sample, and I can record a percussion track. However when I close Ardour and re-open, the MIDI notes are not bound in drumvk1. I can see the sample names when I double-click the drumvk1 plugin in the mixer. If I double-click in the “element/sample” area ( where you map MIDI notes to samples ), the file browser window even opens up at the last directory I had navigated to. But the samples aren’t bound unless I re-map each MIDI note, each time I open Ardour.

What would cause this?

It doesn’t sound like me to run old version of things :slight_smile:

[ebuild R ] media-sound/drumkv1-0.5.1::proaudio USE=“alsa jack lv2 osc -debug -jackmidi -jacksession -nsm” 0 kB

So I have 0.5.1, and the forum post you linked said >= 0.5.1 … so I’ve satisfied that. Anyway, never mind … my concentration span is short these days, and I’m checking out hydrogen now.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: