Drumkv1 cuts off longer samples (e.g. crashes)


Looking for a drumkv1 guru here. I’m having a problem where drumkv1 cuts off longer samples. I’m noticing this in the crashes, which ought to be left to ring out and decay over quite a long period, but they die after a beat or two, which sounds weird.
Googling has suggested that the problem might be with “groups” or with “note off,” both of which I have tried to fiddle with, but without success thus far…
This might also be a good oppurtunity to ask about panning as it pertains to drumkv1. I do not see a way to set panning on individual samples in one instance of drumkv1, so, what I have done is to create a new MIDI track in Ardour for each drum instrument that I might want to pan differently or put different effects on. E.g. I have the kick on it’s own MIDI track, the snare on it’s own, each tom has it’s own track. Is this the way to go? Or can all the drums be located on the same MIDI track and panning (and effects, hopefully) applied to the different notes somehow?

Putting everything into distinct tracks is the usual way to go. Doing it this way gives you much more control in the mix.