Why Ardour crashes while I am choosing a drumkit in the drumgizmo menu?

You questions provides no detail on the problem, Ardour version, linux version, etc which would be helpful to solve the problem. Any number of things could cause Drumgizmo to crash. Drumgizmo kits use a lot of memory so you might just be running out of RAM.

I’d guess because drumgizmo crashes. Have you contacted the drumgizmo devs? Also you’ve provided no info about what system you are on, what version of ardour or the version plugin you are using, so its going to be almost impossible for anyone to help you without more details. You can also look at https://ardour.org/debugging_ardour to learn how to get better help with issues you find. Oh ya, and jsyk the policy here is that issues reported in the forums get lost and reports in the issue tracker get fixed (eventually). Hope you find a resolution though :slight_smile:

oops, Edward beat me to the punch.

My system is Linux Mint 17 x64 Cinnamon 2.2.16
Linux Kernel 3.13.0-87-lowlatency
Intel Core i5-3230M CPU 2.60Ghz x2
Memory 7.4
GeForce GT 740M 2048 MB + Intel 3rd Cen Core processor Graphics Controller
I used Ardour 4.7. (jack backend) x64 and Drumgizmo 0.9.10

With qtractor there are no the problems!

Well, that's great! But it tells us nothing.


Please file a bug report and attach a backtrace. Bugs don't get solved by thinking about "Drumgizmo crashes Ardour".

Have done


@khomkovm: Try to remove drumgizmo 0.9.10. Than install version
Similar problem is written here:

@khomkovm: Sorry) The first link I wrote is to the .deb file of drumgizmo

Here is the link to problem:

Thanks. But I wonder why in Qtractor do not have the issue ;\

Because the interactions between plugins and host is complex, and can be broken by many subtle things. Plugins are one of the biggest sources of crashes in any DAW, and every time (on every platform), it is almost always true that “the plugin worked in <some other DAW>”

If you would create a backtrace then maybe we could fix the bug, but without that, there’s nothing we can do unless we can also replicate the crash. Right now, we’re getting 5.0 ready …

Ok. Thanks for info! I will surely try create a backtrace.

If I start Ardour using
/opt/Ardour_/bin/ardour --gdb
then Ardour do not crashes when I am using drumgizmo.
All work perfect.

I mean
/opt/Ardour-4.7.0/bin/ardour4 --gdb

I just noticed that that in both crashes in the video it crashes just before it is about to show the file or folder beneath the ‘scripts’ folder in /home/ltgr folder you’re browsing. Could it be that that folder or file is called something out of the ordinary?

@khmokovm: then use the other technique - create a core file from a crash, and then use the debugger …


@paul: using the other technique and all work perfect too.