Drumgizmo not choking

I normally alter between DRS kit and Tchackpoum in Drumgizmo, but have a problem with the hihat choking in Tchackpoum. It simply doesn’t work. An open hihat sound is not stopped by a following closed hihat.
Comparing the XML files for the two kits I find quite surprising that Tchackpoum has “choking”-sections, but DRS has not. Still it’s DRS that works (I don’t know where the chokes are configured for DRS). Can I fix this so that Tchackpoum also chokes?


<instrument name="hihat_zild_clo" file="kitpieces/hihat_14_zildjian_k_custom_hybrid/hihat_zild_clo.xml">
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_op1"/>
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_op1_edg"/>
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_op2"/>
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_op2_edg"/>
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_op3"/>
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_op3_edg"/>
    <choke instrument="hihat_zild_spl"/>
    <channelmap in="HIHAT" out="HIHAT"/>


<instrument name="Hihat_closed" group="hihat" file="Hihat_closed/Hihat_closed.xml">
      <channelmap in="AmbL" out="AmbL" main="true"/>
      <channelmap in="AmbR" out="AmbR" main="true"/>
      <channelmap in="Kdrum_back" out="Kdrum_back"/>
      <channelmap in="Kdrum_front" out="Kdrum_front"/>
      <channelmap in="Hihat" out="Hihat" main="true"/>
      <channelmap in="OHL" out="OHL" main="true"/>
      <channelmap in="OHR" out="OHR" main="true"/>
      <channelmap in="Ride" out="Ride"/>
      <channelmap in="Snare_bottom" out="Snare_bottom"/>
      <channelmap in="Snare_top" out="Snare_top"/>
      <channelmap in="Tom1" out="Tom1"/>
      <channelmap in="Tom2" out="Tom2"/>
      <channelmap in="Tom3" out="Tom3"/>

Are you using the current version of DG (0.9.19)?

The choke function in earlier DG releases was based on ‘groups’, commonly a ‘hi-hat group’ (as seen in your DRS xml example). A currently playing hi-hat sample within the hi-hat group would be choked when a new hi-hat sample was triggered.

DG later implemented ‘directed chokes’ which is shown in your Tchackpoum xml example . However, I see that there is a known issue that directed chokes can fail if DGs voice limit is set too low. I wonder if the problem youre having is related.

Looks like the issue is currently unassigned but slated for fix in DG Version 0.9.21, which doesn’t have a release date. You can read a bit more about it on the DrumGizmo roadmap page if you click the IRC link. It’s at the end of the 0.9.21 section.

There’s also a DrumGizmo subforum at https://linuxmusicians.com/.

side note: everybody knows it ought to be TchackPoumPoum.


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Yes I’m using 0.9.19. Thanks for the info on the ‘group’ tag, I see that now.

The voice limit is default at 15, and tweaking it doesn’t make any difference.

I posted this issue on Linuxmusicians as well now.
I also see on roadmap:features_roadmap – DrumGizmo Wiki that for 0.9.20 there is a bug fixed for a ‘directed chokes regression error’. That will probably solve the issue.

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