DrumGizmo hi-hat help

How do i get a continuous hi-hat pedal to work with DrumGizmo, is it even possible?

I own a Roland Td11 set with a vh11 hihat. It works all right but it has two drawbacks. It has only stereo audio out, and no five pin midi in.
I have managed to record the midi in Ardour and played it back through the usb midi, but I then have to rely on the aj2midid and the eventual latencyproblems that causes. Then I played the midi back multiple times while i recorded the drums two tracks at a time until I had so I could mix the whole kit (it was about as fun as it sounds).

I have figured out that if i edit the Drumgizmo midimap to the td11 pads it will give me a working drumset, except for the hi-hat.

That’s why I stand before you now showing my Ignorance.


Don’t know if it may be useful, but SHIFT-clicking a note in the scroomer (piano keyboard on the left of the track) selects all the occurences of this note in the track. It is then just a matter of dragging them to the relevant note for DrumGizmo.

You may also be able to remap your kit’s MIDI output, cf https://rolandus.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201919719-TD-11-Assigning-MIDI-Notes-to-the-Pads

Ah, ok, shift-click I’ll remember that.

Hi Ralf,

I guess that you meant that you can use the pedal of your edrum kit to control the openness of you hihat? Unfortunately, this is not yet implemented. As you probably already know, DrumGizmo has samples (depending on the drumkit you use) of closed, half-open, and open hihat, but there is currently no possibility to continuously blend between them. And also DrumGizmo does currently not recognize the signals sent by hihats of edrum kits.

Implementing this is on our roadmap, but as we program DrumGizmo in our free time, it is absolutely not clear when and if this will be done.

On another note: We are currently working on a feature called “powermap”, maybe better known as “velocity curves”, such that one can control better which output velocity of the edrum kit is mapped to which velocity in DrumGizmo. Hopefully at least that makes the edrum kit experience a lot nicer. :slight_smile:

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I was afraid of that.
One way to work-around, is to pan the hihat left and the rest of the kit right, record the hh on one audiotrack and use DrumGizmo on the rest.

Thanks for the reply.

BTW is there a midimap for the td11?

Midimaps also depend on the specific DrumGizmo drumkit that you are using. But in general, I am not aware of midimaps specifically for certain edrum kits. I guess, most people just adapt it themselves but I am not sure if people shared them somewhere.

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