DrumGizmo fans out to stereo tracks instead of mono


I’m having a small issue when fanning out midi plugins. This happens when I try to add a MIDI track (I’ve tried this with MTPowerDrumKit, DrumGizmo and Steven Slate Drums 5.5). When I select the “fan out” option, it creates stereo tracks instead of mono tracks.

Is there a setting I can change so that it creates separate mono tracks? Thanks in advance.

No help here. I just tried with Ardour 8.2, DG 0.9.20, on Linux, and it only creates mono audio tracks for me.

This is going to sound nitpicking, but please try to avoid terms like “mono track” and “stereo track”.

Tracks (and busses) have a certain number of inputs, and a certain number of outputs. They may be the same, they may not. The number of channels “in play” can change due to a plugin in the middle.

Much better to say things like “1in/2out” or “2in/2out” or “1in/1out”

I see, thanks for the correction. I’m not very familiar with audio terminology. I mainly use Ardour to trigger drum samples with my electronic drum kit, and it works wonderfully for that. I was just curious about this, admittedly, small issue.

Which is why the latter part of Paul’s request comes in handy.

Can you clarify what types of tracks you are seeing? How many inputs and how many outputs?


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