Drumgizmo / DRSKit drum template for Semi-soar

in this Made With Ardour thread, people were curious about the organic sound I got for the drums in my song semi-soar.

I’ve uploaded an zipped Ardour project containing the complete drum part for the song as well as the track and bus routing and effects config I used to get that sound: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NxB0j91JBmIxXynhzUYsKABt0AvRgasg

There’s a README with some nitty-gritty in the project too.

Am happy to answer any questions about it or to learn from folks who know how to do this stuff better; I am still a learner and there may be missed opportunities here! And please feel free to reuse this stuff however you like, no credit needed.


Nice. I was asking you about the writting part because of some folks using MusE or specifically MIDI sequencers for MIDI handling. Until recently I would do all of that in Hydrogen, then export to Ardour. Now I’m experimenting directly in Ardour with LSP Multisampler and AV drumkits, finding it nice sounding but well just different to approach to with velocities and editing.

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