Drumagog VST error

Has anybody got Drumagog 4 to work on Ardour2 (beta 9)?

I keep getting a wine popup-window which tells me: ‘Error saving favorites file - “\favorites.dat”’

After clicking ‘OK’ ardour crashes…

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? Drumagog is a major reason for me to keep Windows/Cubase on this machine (that and full midi-track support)



drumagog is trying to save a file to a part of the filesystem where you are not permitted to do so. its unclear to me why it would do this - most windows software saves information to somewhere under C:windows\Program Files, which Wine (the windows compatibility layer) generally maps to an area within your home directory.

you would have to try to configure wine so that a path of “\favorites.dat” points to a location where you have permission to create files.

Ah, found it… I removed my .wine directory for some obscure reason…

It works after running the install again, but Drumagog doesn’t accept keypresses, so it’s kinda useless at the moment. I’ll try to install some other plugins to find out if ardourvst or wine is to blame…


Do oyu get the normal user interface of drumagog up? Or the typical ladpsa view?? With FreeVerb it doesn’t work (i know that there is a ladpsa version of freeVerb, I just checked out how the VST version works)

I get the VST interface, but all key presses go to Ardour instead of the plugin…

For example: when I press ‘z’ in an input box, ardour switches to the ‘zoom’ tool in the background…

Wine or ardour bug?

There are demo’s of this excellent drum replacer available here: http://www.drumagog.com/download.asp