Drum Replacement

I’ve seen a few options for drum replacement in Linux, but I’m a little unsure about going the vst route based on some of the comments in these forums. Is there anything new on drum replacement that isn’t KT Drum Trigger? I used to have the ladspa-trigger working in Ardour 2 but can’t seem to get it working in 3. What do Ardour users typical use for replacement? I’m current using Ardour 3 on Fedora 20. Hopefully I posted this in the right spot…Thanks!

and… I think.this question should be in the “how do i” section. Sorry, not sure how to move it at this point.




And move to Ardour 4 already. Fedora 22 and 23 have a lot more up to date packages, and Ardour 3 was never really supported, there were several problems fixed in the Ardour 4 series, so everyone was encouraged to move to Ardour 4 as quickly as possible (currently up to 4.4). There is no good reason to stay on old unsupported software (Ardour or Fedora).

Yeah I know. I fully intend to. Got lazy and then found myself mid project and wanted to get this done before upgrading, just in case I break something. So assuming I get that done soon, what type of drum replacement might I use? I just need to do what most people do, which is enhance a snare here and there, or replace something entirely on occasion. I’d take any suggestions.

Okay I now have a fully functional Ardour 4 and Fedora 23. The problem still exists however. Does any have any suggestions at least for a wav to midi converter that i can then route through something like hydrogen?

the x42-plugins pack (available on most distros, dunno about F23) includes https://github.com/x42/onsettrigger.lv2 which is intended for kick-drum replacement or doubling.

thanks man…i’ll give it a shot

I’m not sure I understood your question, but have you tried NON sequencer?

Thanks for the reply. It would work if I can get midi out of a wav file…I don’t see that feature in the list but I’ll check. I have acoustic drums recorded via mic…and would need to trigger a midi note using a wav file as source. Could be based on a threshold setting, for example. Then I could simply assign the recorded midi note to the sound I need. (Thank to you as well x42, but It doesn’t look like onsettrigger is in x42-plugin pack for f23.)

or perhaps i should say, i cannot see onsettrigger in the plugins list after installing the x42 plugin pack…maybe that is not the way to access it?

You need to restart Ardour. after installing it. it’s named “Onset Trigger - Bassdrum Detection” and shows up in the Plugin manager.

One reason why it does not show up: you installed it in the wrong location. make install by default uses the official standard:

Fedora has this weird /lib64/ thing. If other lv2 plugins are in /lib64/lv2 (and not /usr/lib/lv2) do the following:

sudo make uninstall
sudo make install LV2DIR=/lib64/lv2

Thanks again. Actually the install i did prior was simply to install the x42-plugins package and onsettrigger did not install from that. Now I am trying to install onsettrigger directly but I am currently unable to compile…using the make command leads to an “LV2 SDK was not found” error. So to check, I typed in “pkg-config --exists lv2 || echo no” and received the answer of “no”, yet lv2 is definitely installed (via ‘dnf install lv2’). So I’m currently stuck. Is there an rpm of this available that anyone knows of?

I think I’ve run into a pkg-config problem based on my google search. So far changing path has not worked.

Solved the LV2 SDK issue with lv2-devel. Have a feeling I’m not out of the woods yet but thank you so far for all your help guys

Alright you guys rock. It’s up and running Pretty sensitive and I think I have a lot of tweaking ahead but all good. Thanks!!