Drum Replacement

Hi, i’ve been wondering if anyone here has been able to do a Drum Replacement using for example Hydrogen now that Ardour 3 is the official release.

I saw this thread:

but not much help from that, so is there any alternatives in Mixbus or Ardour3 using Ladspa or LV2 maybe? how can i do that?

I’ve been trying to get a midi note from an audio input using an Audio+Midi track, seems its just not going to happen but does anyone have an idea on how to do it?

What i want to do is: trigger a drum sound on Hydrogen from a drum recorded track in Ardour, I.E.: I hate the sound of the kick drum, want to mute it and trigger from it a kick in Hydrogen that i like better, as simple as that (i know is not that simple but…), not related to the clock or tempo or timeline, just trigger the sound.

Ideas anyone?

Hydrogen won’t take an external trigger. There’s ladspa-trigger, but it’s pretty basic:

Last time I wanted to beef up the sound of a kick drum I played the existing kick drum track into an Alesis iO and used that to trigger a hardware drum machine. Not as convenient but it worked.

Calf multiband-gate is very nice with kick drum. Start with low and high band and …

@jrigg: I’ve managed to make Hydrogen “just play” the sounds asked by a Midi track in ardour, that way i can change the sound to what i want in hydrogen but all midi data comes from ardour, however what i want to do is trigger a single note from ardour based on a what ever drum track, so hydrogen -based on what i’ve done before- can play the sound back, that way i can record that sound back to ardour which would be in this particular case a new kick drum track, or snare track etc… so what would actually be needed is a “feature or plugin in ardour that triggers a single note based on threshold pass” very much like a gate would work, but not gating, just triggering a single midi note, the rest would be short and happy history.

IM used to protools, last one I used was pro tools10hd… I dont like using plugins to replace drum sounds as I feel drum replacement plug ins can be fairly innacurate sometimes… so what I do in protools is to copy the sound I wish to replace the original drum track with (snare, kickdrum watifs) get a brand newtrack created on top of the original drum track, I then create a group of those 2 tracks and then I simply click on the tracks and they become joint together (the cursor marks both of them at the same time), everytime i press the tab key the cursor move to the next audio event on the original drum track, so I can then paste the desired (and previously copied) sound I wish to replace the original drum track with (or layer down) on the ´blank´ audio track on top of the original one… I do this get a more clean sound out of the drum set… as I always sample each drum when making a drum recording sesion, that way if needed, I can sample my drums with the actual drum sound…

I don´t know if I´m making myself clear as to what I do… regardless of how or why I do that, my question is, can i do the same with Ardour?, can I automate the reaching the next audio event on track to then copy a specific sound I want on that same place but in a different and clean track, and if so… how? thanks for helping out a newbie on this DAW :wink: any and all orientation will be appreciated…

also … if you guys now of a way I can replace each hit on a drum track, with a specific .wav audio file I have on my library of sounds, that is simpler than what I described, using ardour… I would really appreciate it, 10x

There’s no simple way to do this in Ardour right now. It has been on the feature request list for some time.

For the purpose of kick-drum replacement (or doubling) I use https://github.com/x42/onsettrigger.lv2 (part of x42-plugins).
It’s somewhat half-baked but works for me (and at least one other person that I know).

In case anybody else happens upon this thread, I wanted to commemorate my journey and its results. My goal was to somehow replace a snare. For that, I was hoping that I could use a gated trigger of a snare sample. What I ended up with was a MIDI track with events written from the MIDI Trigger LV2 plugin (https://github.com/metachronica/audio-dsp-midi-trigger). This is on the “snare note” of a drum instrument. Since I couldn’t find decent documentation for this plugin, here’s what I did:

  • git clone the repo
  • run `make all`, then `sudo cp -rf build/midi-trigger.lv2 /usr/lib/lv2/`
  • then `jalv.gtk https://github.com/metachronica/audio-dsp-midi-trigger`

This provides a JACK instrument that takes an audio input and produces a MIDI output, along with a barebones GTK UI. I was able to get the settings to reproduce events based on the snare track, and “printed” the events to a MIDI track in Ardour. Now that it’s saved in a MIDI track, I no longer need to run the plugin, and I can switch instruments and process as I see fit. Problem solved!