Drum replacement - KTDrumTrigger

Reading this forum I am not the only one who is struggling with drum replacement.

I’ve tried LADSPA drum trigger (worked sporadical), SoundAnalyzer (didn’t get around, didn’t get out of it what I wanted) and Aubio (onset had no midi out, notes spit out notes and not drum trigger signals I wanted).

Yesterday once again I’ve tried KTDrumTrigger and it works well (absolutely best of all the drum replacement plugins I’ve tried on linux).

I am using AVLinux 6 (thanks to GMaq for this great piece of work), Festige (http://festige.sourceforge.net/ - was already installed) and the KTDrumTrigger from http://koen.smartelectronix.com/KTDrumTrigger (I’ve downloaded the current version KTDrumTrigger1.0b5_VST_win32.zip and put the dll the VST directory).

First Festige didn’ launch the plugin, but the I found out that the wine path (and the other path) was not correctly (it was set to the home directory of a non existant user). Changed that and the plugin showed.

Using it with the ardour3 beta and hydrogen as midi drum machine and it worked great.

Just wanted to say that I’ve finally found a working drum replacement plugin for me. If anybody need some help - feel free to ask and I try to help.

Hi GMaq,

I have to update the Ardour3-VST package first. I have the vanilla AV Linux 6 installed (just with the PAE kernel, because I have 8 Gigabytes of RAM).

Ardour3_VST crashed when I tried it (after installing the plugin) - but there could’ve been another problem with this.
I think this weekend I’m going to have some time - after this I’ll write you back, if it worked with the new version of Ardour 3.


Great tip! Thanks for sharing, this is a definite weak spot on Linux currently. Will it also work in the Ardour3-VST package in AV Linux 6? Please note there was a recent important update to the the Ardour3-VST build which should now allow saving Windows VST plugins state properly,

see here: http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index.php?topic=2638.0


If you are using VST’s other than the ones that come in AV Linux then Ardour-VST will choke on them at first run as FST attempts to write the .fsi files it requires to use them, it is not uncommon to have to launch Ardour several times and have it crash until all the new VST’s are processed.

AV Linux comes with a set of fsi files pre-written for the existing ones but any new ones require this painful process…

its nice to read this, although i’ve been avoiding VST on Linux, at least is nice to know there is some way to do it