Drum Quantizing

I stumbled across a youtube video about quantizing drums in Logic. I usually record less than perfect musicians and think that it could be a useful tool for me, and possibly many other people. Any chance that this could be in ardour 3 along with the MIDI recording (which i think will be great)?

I was talking about audio data. I know that Ardour has the capability to split and move move multiple tracks to a grid, but was talking about giving Ardour the ability to detect peaks in waves and then move them to 8th, 16th, or any other preset grids.

Are you talking about dealing with MIDI data or audio data?

Logic can quantise audio regions like it handles MIDI. Maybe Rhythm Ferret could handle transient splits and then the created regions could be quantised to the grid? There are some issues regarding phase unless all tracks are split and moved together. Manually moving to a transient, splitting all the drum tracks together and moving into time is already possible (and pretty easy), although automating the process would obviously be useful.

RF already has the non-functional “Conform” button which is modelled on the ProTools “Beat Detective” dialog. One day, it will get implemented, but its not trivial to get it sufficiently correct that its useful.