drivers and monitoring

Hi guys,

I use a ubuntu 9.10 with ubuntu studio packages.

I just got my M-audio Jamlab working with jack and ardour. But now I have no idea, how i can regulate the volume for ardour. Also there seems to be no way for live monitoring. I tried Envy, but all mixer aplications don’t open. Is this because I have the onboard sound device also working? I just need a way to regulate the volume and to listen to what I am playing.

Check which sound device Jack is using. Setup -> Interface. Take a look at the output of aplay -l through terminal. That tells you what sound cards you have available.

I know zilch about Jamlab but checking the above will at least let you know what you have running through Jack. I have mobo sound and an M-Audio 1010LT running concurrently and the above plus Envy lets me fully control my audio every time.

i have M-Audio usb device, too (M-Audio Duo). It has no internal mixers, so i can’t control it in any mixer (alsamixer, etc.), too. In fact, you don’t need to, use the ardour-mixer

Yeah, would be a nice idea if the jamlab had an internal mixer. But there are only a line in plug and a headphone plug. nothing else. so the only possible way is to regulate by the istrument output. but then I still can’t hear what I am playing. I tried everything, but also the pre-listening in ardour doesn’t work in this case. It’s driving me crazy! aaaah!

man, simply plug the input in jack to the output

if you want to here the instrument in ardour without conecting input and output directly, you have to activate the “ardour does monitoring” in the options PLUS marc the track where your input is conected as “record”

and to regulate te level in the “direct-method” you can use jackmixer f.e.:

monitoring with ardour works perfectly! feel invited to a digital beer :wink: . Is there a .deb package for the jackmixer? I tried installing with alien, but it didn’t work.

thanks, for the beer :wink:

if you are in Ubuntu Karmic, first adress to look for stuff like this is Philio5’s PPA:

@capoiera: the method you have described has almost no difference to asking ardour to do monitoring. unless you meant making physical connections, in which case JackMixer will be of no help.

well, maybe he wants to hear his playing without ardour…

or, maybe the signal from the input is too hot, with jack-mixer he could regulate it before going into ardour

i don’t know.

I just want to hear me playing during the recording in ardour, so the solution with ardour monitoring is exactly what I was searching for. The Jack mixer, i guess, could regulate the line in volume. But as I mentioned i couldn’t make a deb package out of the rpm. I just want to know if ther’s already a deb package for jack mixer out there. I tried searching with google, but it deletes the word “jack” because it has to many results. so the search is pretty senseless. all in all thaks to your responses. they were really helpful! special thanks to capoeira!

did you see my post with the PPA? there is a DEB of Jack-mixer.