DreamStudio Is Back - Sort Of...

If anyone remembers (or still uses) DreamStudio, you should check out Volocian Studio Liberation and Volocian Studio Liberation OS.

Volocian Studio Liberation is the successor to our “Celeum DreamStudio”, the cross-platform application bundle I used to offer. It’s got everything a person needs to get rolling with photography, graphic design, video editing, physical mastering and web publishing, and (most importantly to the folks here) audio production. All of which are wrapped up with nice multi installers for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu (and probably Debian) based Linux systems.

Volocian Studio Liberation OS is a complete operating system distribution based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux, with a bunch of custom tweaks for multimedia producers. It includes the above application bundle, a lowlatency kernel, a handy indicator for setting your cpu scaling frequency, and realtime permissions (all for lowlatency audio) by default, and uses Elementary OS’s wonderful Pantheon desktop to make everything super easy to use for beginners.

For anyone wondering, the name change and rebranding are for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Celeum Technology was a company that I ran myself and which for all practical purposes folded up a couple of years ago while I dealt with some personal issues including divorce and addiction. The decision to restart development on DreamStudio came about at the same time that my lovely new bride to be (Tonia Vansteelandt) and I decided to start a multimedia production house (record label, arts & crafts, and video production house) to release not only our projects (she’s an artist and I’m a musician primarily), but also to sign, produce, and share the works of others (we’ve just signed on a few of our friends to start with, but more to come as time rolls on).

As I once again found myself putting together a workflow bundle for in house systems (we have 4 multiple OS machines here, comprising a total of 9 systems - mostly Ubuntu, but a couple of windows and macOS installations, too), I thought it would only be right to share my work with the outside world as well, as that was how DreamStudio got it’s start all those years ago.

We’ve settled on Volocian Studios as the name for this venture (Volocian is a word we made up, from the latin root “volo” meaning “to dream” and the suffix “cian” meaning “one who possesses skill in a field, or a professional”, so “Volocian” is a “professional dreamer”). The decision to rename the packages and distribution from DreamStudio to Studio Liberation was made firstly to differentiate from both my previous offerings, and from downstream projects that have essentially usurped the name while the project was dark. “Studio Liberation” seemed apt, as our goal is to free multimedia content creators from vendor lock-in and software as a service (we’re looking at you insert proprietary software vendor here).

Anyway, yes, this is a bit of a rambling promotional post, and yes, we do now charge for everything except for a demo of our OS distribution, and, yes, this is an early stage soft launch, so expect bugs (though we definitely want to hear about any you find), but here’s hoping we’ve created something that will help out content creators whether they’re beginners or professional dreamers who want to simplify their workflow.

Here’s the link:



Welcome back, sounds like you’ve been through some deep water. Best of luck with the new project!

Thanks Glen! By the way (offtopic), nice work on the drumkits. I’m just trying to set them up right now to flesh out some midi drum tracks I have for the album I’ll be releasing in a couple of weeks…