Dreams (gothic/doom)

Hi all,

I just posted a new song:

For the first time ever, I tried singing as well, just because the track basically asked for it! All guitars were played with my new HB-35plus hollow body guitar, while the strings sections are a mix of different free Spitfire Audio LABS VSTs (Frozen Strings, Scary Strings, Strings 2).

As usual, everything recorded in Ardour 6, and using free plugins (DrumGizmo, Calf, Dragonfly Reverb, the above mentioned free VSTs). Guitars were recorded using a mix of Rakarrack (clean guitars), Guitarix (rhythm guitars) and my POD X3 Live (the solo).

Hope you’ll enjoy this!



Great sounds and atmosphere! The weariness in your voice is perfect for the mood and lyrics. Very well done! Great solo too!! Very fluid!

Thanks! I’d like to say the weariness was 100% on purpose, but the truth is I have basically no control over my voice :grin:

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