Dragonfly reverbs and clicking

Hi! I am using several instances of Dragonfly reverbs. Each time I open my session, audio clicks happen until I toggle off/on all Dragonfly instances while the track is playing.

  • Is that something other user noticed?
  • Can someone explain where the issue could come from?
  • Is there a way to toggle all plugins at once on Ardour, or to reset something quicker until I find a solution?


Have many instances of Dragonfly plugins in my effect busses. Never had any issues

Reverbs have a certain load on your system, the more instances, the more load. Maybe it’s too much?
Via Menu>Windows>Plugin DSP Load you can check

What version are you using?
3.2.10 is the newest one; some older versions had certain quirks/bugs.

Here’s a similar post, which would correspond to somewhere around the 3.2.3 version

Thank you, I didn’t know about this window. Some of my DSP have indeed a range going to the red before I toggling it.

Before toggle

After toggle

@peder I use 3.2.5. Updating right now. I went through the thread you mentioned, but it didn’t seem to be related, now you point it again I have some doubts. Updating the plugin might solve it.
Edit: same issue with v. 3.2.10

This is the kind of performance you can expect from a AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16-Core Processor running Ardour 8.4 (Buffer 1024, Period 3).

Maybe this issue is not related to DragonFly at all.
I experienced this behaviour not long ago after renaming a Bus with a reverb-plugin in it. Somehow the old name still existed in the Ardour session-config and this generated conflicts.

Did you manage to solve that?

What I remember is that it was solved (by itself) the next day. I didn’t check the sessionfile (it was at the end of the day so I left it like it was at that moment). But I do remember that the old name of the renamed bus was popping up in the log as as an error.

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