Dragging envelopes

this is my problem. Every time I try to drag a track having an envelope created by me to change the gain, the waveform moves but the envelope stays in its originary position.
What’s wrong?
Than you

This was an early design decision in Ardour. At the time, it seemed justifiable.

It will be revisited (reversed) in a future release of version 3.x (but not in version 3.0).

Try using region gain automation instead of fader gain automation.

That way, when you move the region, the automation will move with it.

-Ben Loftis

Why would you reverse this? I think it’s quite handy and actually prefer it quite a bit. (After all, isn’t this what the region gain automation is meant to deal with?)

Reuben, I’m curious what is the advantage of using the fader gain automation over the region gain envelope? It seems to me more effective and easier to make edits in a slide-edit context with region gain automation.

This was an early design decision in Ardour

My reagards