Drag&Drop rigion / from region propertise to anywhere

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In general this is not possible. There is no standard for the nature of a drag-n-drop to e.g. a sampler plugin.

Furthermore, regions do not necessarily correspond to a file (they may be just a section of a file). Thus, even if the standard for the drag-n-drop was “send the drop target the path to the region”, there is no such path without first exporting just the region itself.

It is one of the ideas that works in extremely limited circumstances (e.g. short files, regions corresponding to the whole file), but breaks down in more demanding circumstances.

i know regions in ardour are not a file there are metadata okey
but in region properties you can link file to this section (not metadata) and make it drag-able

okey i agree

add marker to it for define what length of sample you need for drag

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