Drag and Drop Processors (Wayland)


drag and drop in GUI applications is a known issue under Wayland.
It wouldn’t be a problem for Ardour, if you could somehow rearrange processors other than by dragging them. Dragging a processor doesn’t work (for me) and I couldn’t find any keybindings or stuff in the Lua API to rearrange a single processor (e.g moving it up or down).

Is there any workaround for this?

This is odd, drag/drop in Ardour itself that does not involve any external application should not be affected by [X]Wayland.

Can you move regions on the timeline? Drag regions to different tracks?

Yes, these actions work just fine.

If I want to drag a processor I see it pop up for a split second but then the highlighting resets…
Not sure how to provide better information at this point unfortunately…

I don’t think this is an Ardour issue, since I’ve used it before with wayland (if I remember correctly). It is driving me crazy though :slight_smile:

I found the issue. Had to set a rule in my window manager for ardour.

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Interesting! What Window Manager do you use?
Could you share the solution for others who might run into this?

Hyprland. From what I understood some window managers will try to focus the active window, which will reset the drag/drop. nofocus is what the rule is called in Hyprland.


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