Dplug framework updated for Ardour/Linux -- Contacting Plugin Developers

Apparently I had another plugin developer contact who benefitted fixing their plugin with the newly updated Dplug framework.

After posting up about Auburnsounds plugins, it turns out they are the ones who create and manage the Dplug framework, having armed with that information I just passed it along to cutthroughrecordings and their Entropy II plugin is now working like a charm as it should have been a month ago when i first contacted them about it. :slight_smile: – a month went by where there was no more things to try after 3 or 4 beta tests, so thanks to auburnsounds for updating the dplug framework as it made a huge difference to now have 4 more plugins working on this system.

Supposedly if other plugins out there are also using this framework, they can get this news relayed as the update is quite recent(Dec 1st – date of release update). So if you know of a plugin project that relies on this framework, be sure to tell them about the latest dplug release which solves pretty much all Ardour/Linux compatibility problems would be causing frequent crashes. – so it makes a day/night difference for the most part so that’s great.

Apparently I’m still stuck on my 3rd attempt-fix for the Biotek2/Tracktion plugin, if anyone has heard or wants this plugin as well to get fixed, give a little shout-out to the Tracktion company as they are eagerly expecting more Ardour/Linux feedback for this plugin… I’m pretty sure there are a few people who have heard about it, just letting others know that they just recently updated their plugin… it may be helpful to hear more feedback from more users who are interested to using these plugins as they continuously improve them by each release…

so the more user feedback == the better the plugin for us. so suit what you think is best – if you know what MPE is then you seem to know what you can do with these plugins … all these plugins are pretty amazing, just that not enough people are hearing about them.

their upcoming 2.1.5 is still in beta and it has a whole array of interesting new features…



  • Added MPE Support. Quick how-to:

    • Activate MPE in the Global Menu. This is a global switch that is saved in the
    • On the Instrument Edit page there are three new buttons that add MPE to an
      instrument quickly and quite effectively:
    • “Activate MPE On All Layers” activates MPE on each Sound Layer of the loaded
    • “Activate ‘MPE Ch Press To Ring X’ On All Layers” and “Activate ‘MPE Timbre
      To Ring Y’ On All Layers” route pressure to the X axis of the Ring Pad and the
      Y position of a note to the Y axis of the Ring Pad.
      Now you can play notes or chords with MPE. Aftertouch modulates a note as if you
      would have moved the Ring Pad dot on the X axis, changing the Y direction of the
      played note modulates it as if you had moved the Ring Pad dot on the Y axis.
      Note that the dot doesn’t move on the user interface. This wouldn’t work since it
      is a polyphonic modulation so every note has a different X/Y position.

    You can also set up your own MPE modulations: On the “Sources 1” panel you find a
    new section called “MPE” where you can set up the MPE-to-Ring-X and MPE-to-Ring-Y
    modulation individually for each Sound Layer.

For fine-grained MPE modulation independent from the Ring Pad, use the “Ch Press”
Assign button and the “Timbre” Assign button. With those, you can assign these
polyphonic modulations to any continuous parameter of BioTek 2.
If you feel that a different response curve would work better, use one of the
Modifiers to alter the input. You would set it up so that source one would be
either “Ch Press” or “Timbre” and as an operation, you would use e.g. Switch,
LinExp, LinLog, Quadratic, Cubic, Step, Reverse, Threshold, Saturate, Filter,
Lag or Ramp. Then you would assign this to any number of destination parameters.


I have considered some of the Tracktion plugins, I may be willing to purchase to give them a shot and help with some troubleshooting, assuming I have some free time in the next couple of weeks. Biotek isn’t something i would particularly use though, I am looking more at their plugin essentials and Waveform software maybe for basic composing on the rare occasions I do so.


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