Downloading Ardour - Download Continually Fails

It seems that there’s a major problem with the Ardour download. I’ve trying to download it (from multiple networks) for a good time now. All other downloads work perfectly, but the Ardour download ends before it finishes (usually with around 60-90MB downloaded) which obviously leaves the file unusable. Where is just a plain download link instead of whatever system this website uses?

I might add that I have never installed any download managers and I’m using Safari 4.0.4 Mac. Also, I’ve noticed a trend. My last few download attempts ended at 70.1 MB, 89.2 MB, 86.3 MB, 91.6 MB, and whatever the most recent download finishes at. So it appears that every attempt downloads a bit more of the file. Not sure why this is, but it fails regardless of the connection I’m using.

EDIT: That’s 82.9, not 89.2

As I have noted in several existing threads in the forum, some issue has arisen with our webhosting service that nobody understands. It has been escalated in their support system. There is no “system” that we are using, just a regular PHP script that delivers the contents to your browser without giving it a URL. There are hundreds (thousands?) of downloads that are still working, but the rate and severity of the failed download problem has certainly increased recently, following a server switch at their end. There is no ETA on it being fixed, but we are working on the issue. In the worst case, we will switch web hosting services.

Thanks, is it possible to get a direct link? It’s rather important that I have this as soon as possible. I’m working on sound for a nonprofit organization and one of the things we’re doing requires this, but I don’t have the old .dmg.

I regret that there is no access to the files other than via the download system. There is no reason to ever delete an old version of Ardour, let alone the dmg, other than to save disk space.


I am a little frustrated too with that download system…I sent a donation for the software and now I can not get it. I tried for sure almost 100x to download it without success. It would be great seeing this fixed soon, so not to feel I wasted my money for something I cannot get.



@poepjin: I will happily refund any payments made for downloads that do not work. If you think you’re frustrated, how do you think it feels to be on the receiving end of every email from every person who this affects, given that this is actually how I make a living? I remain hopeful that we can fix it on the web hosting server, but I don’t know when that might be possible,

FWIW, I just downloaded a second copy of both the PPC and the Intel DMG’s (man, the Intel is five times larger than PPC (yes, I’m aware of why…)!). Both downloads finished and the dmg’s opened without error here.

Same problem than Poepjin.

There is a file here that people with download issues can try fetching. Its not a version of Ardour (its about 125MB of junk, actually), but if you can successfully download this file, then it rules out the “download system” and points back to the web host server or your network connection. Perhaps some of you could let me know what you find.