Download problem

I was paid for download ardour. And then I got the link and tried to download it and got a message that all three download is already used. But download was not completed.
I wrote a letter to and And nobody answered me after one week expired.
What should I do now? How I can get working version? Or how I can get money back?

The first mail adress is the correct one. Maybe just try again. And don’t forget your invoice ID. :slight_smile:

Where should I see this ID? Because I received only one email when I was registered and there is no any ID in this letter.

Sorry, I see a Drupal ID in email. Is it same invoice ID?

Yep, I found that ID. And I still can’t download because there is another problem has occurred that sounds like “You download has expired”. It’s very annoyed. Especially that no official answer is given.


The email address you are looking for, as stated at the bottom of the download pages, is . Make sure you include your invoice ID. One thing to keep in mind is that on my side of the pond this is a holiday weekend and I am not sure where Paul is for the weekend, but he may be out of contact for a few days.


I respond to ALL email I get about this issue. The invoice ID is in the email you received from PayPal after your payment was completed. I have no idea what your email address was, so I cannot search my spam folders to see if it ended up there.

I checked all folder of my email box (including spam) and no one letter from you or any other people wasn’t found. Last email about ardour was from paypal and previous one from admin(account details). That is all.
As I wrote above I found an invoice ID and stuck at another problem.
My email is id.embeded(at)

You won’t find any email from me because I’ve never replied to you, which is because I’ve never received any email from you.

Nice. Though I described my problem here.

My guess is that you use a download manager add-on to your web-browser. These do not work with the HTTP X-Sendfile protocol extension, so you need to disable it before attempting to download Ardour, since we use that on the website. I will send you an email regarding how to get access to the download again.

Yes I using a download manager. How have I should know that it isn’t supported?
Anyway I still not received any email from you.

We used to document that the use of download managers would not work, but too many people found even a message about that confusing.

You reported this issue to PayPal as a dispute case? I’m refunding your money, please don’t contact me or use the forums again.

Yes I reported the issue because two weeks passed without any result. I think you might attract more new customers if you remove limitation on download quantity. What the point of this limitation? Anyway thank you for refund.