Download impossible

Hi everyone,

I wanted to download Ardour 6.2 from the site, connected with my account but, when I click on “Ready-to-run Program”, it put me on GNU/Linux Button and Vice et versa.
I’m on a librazik3 up to dateddistro with Firefox ESR.
It is the first time I encounter that issue.

What should I do?

I suspect I am missing something, it sounds like when you click to download a ‘Ready to Run’ program, it tells points you to a version for GNU/Linux, and you are running what sounds like a GNU/Linux distribution? That sounds exactly correct and like I would expect, and you should download and install the GNU/Linux version as described in the page.

What am I missing?


Hi @seablade,

Thanks for your answer.

The point is that when I click on my prefered penguin, the pointer goes to “Ready to Run” button. If I then click on “Ready To Run”, I go to… GNU/Linux button again, and again, and again…
I can’t get the .run file.
I didn’t have that issue when I got 6.0 Ardour, the same way and the same distro.
That’s I don’t understand.

Javascript blocker? Maybe you have to scroll down…?

Do you see the "Yes, I want Ardour 6.2 … " button?
Is it pressing that button that returns you to the landing page?

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You got it !
What a fool am I !
I misconfigured UBlock Origin.
Shame on me !
Thanks you @x42 and @seablade and everyone on the forum and of course to the developpers of the great piece of software.

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