Download Ardour 6.5

Hey, I’m trying to re-install Ardour 6.5 (instead of 6.6) but can’t find the downloadable file.
I moved to 6.6 when it came out but I then started to experience various problems, and given that I am in the middle of a production, I would rather finish it with 6.5. Can I keep both versions installed? Thanks.

All versions of Ardour from can be parallel installed with each other, and with builds from Linux distributions.

However, we do not make older versions available once we release an update.

What problems are you experiencing?

It ranges from fairly constant problems (Ardour crashing on the very first opening, ok afterwards) to unexpected behavior : Ardour adding by itself mutiple automation lanes in midi, all controllers that I have not touched (and for some reason it inserts value 0 to these new lanes, so I keep losing the sound); midi notes disappearing when touching the border of a region; etc.)
Of course there might have been changes in the behavior of the program that I have to get used to: there doen’t seem to exist an exclusive “arm button” any more, preventing from recording on other tracks than the one intended; I can no longer have muliple regions (midi) from which I can choose the one that will be on top (as in AUDIO).
There might also be something worng with my system, but it all started when I upgraded to 6.6. Should I try to re-install rather than reverting to 6.5?

Almost none of these problems should be happening in 6.6. We did not remove any buttons, nor did we change anything to do with MIDI regions and layering. Re-installing software doesn’t do anything (certainly not on Linux). The closest you can get that kind of reset is to remove ~/.config/ardour6

I would suggest you join us on IRC and chat with us in realtime so we can get try to get an idea of what is happening on your system.

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