Download Ardour 6.0 Only get Part file

I have installed the Linux version of Ardour 6 and am only getting the partial file

I can’t seem to install that?

Am I doing something wrong?

This is problem with the internet connection between you and There’s nothing we can do on our end.

Juts download again until you get the complete file.

Actually, that doesn’t work. We use the X-Sendfile/X-Accel webserver extensions along with a download counter. You can’t just “pickup where you left off”, you have to start again.

So originally I had downloaded and installed the windows version for Windows 10. But I decided that Ardour was not working with the features I needed from KXstudio, so I decided to do a duel boot and get Linux. So now I’m trying to download the Linux version?

Is my download of two versions causing the problem?

It only will download 19kb of the file, then the file will disappear after about a minute.

I got it. I downloaded it on from windows and transferred from my external hard drive to ubuntu. install went smooth.

Check to see if you use a download manager on Linux. They cannot deal with the web server extensions that we use.

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