Down load or install problem

I down loaded and installed 64 bit. It would not run. I uninstalled it and have attempted to install 32 bit version. keeps telling be I may not have permission for this device. Running windows 10

Sadly, we cannot provide any support for installation issues on Windows, or for system-specific issues on Windows. Possibly someone in the community might be offer you some advice anyway.

If you right click the shortcut and chose “run as administrator”, does it launch?

You may also want to uninstall, then reinstall by using this “run as administrator” option on the installer EXE file.

I just encountered the same issue, really strange, it was working just fine! I closed Ardour, and now it won’t open. I click the shortcut, nothing. No event logs, no messages, just doesn’t open. I reinstalled, same issue.

I fixed my problem, maybe it will work for Willielectro? I had to delete my c:\users\username\appdata\local\ardour5 folder. Then when I relaunched I had to re-setup Ardour as if it was a first-time run. All back up and running, must have been corrupted config files or something.