Down By The Salley Gardens ... by Prof Knaakenbroed

Hi friends,

look -or better- LISTEN here, and (hopefully) enjoy:

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed

Thanks for sharing !

This is unfortunatelly not my kind of music but I am curious about what you used for the lead synth at 1.17 and other places ?
Would like to know as much as possible and if there is a preset, that would be awesome.

Thanks !

Usually I make notices about each setting and each gear… in that case my records are not very exact. :frowning:
I only have recordings saying “lead synth”, but thats not a big help.

The base recording of that song was about 14 months ago, and that part should have been taken with a “Yamaha TG-500”, it has very powerful filters giving a lot of punch and pressure especially with fanfares and brass, as far as I remember. If you want want to, I could go through the presets of that romplerand hopefully can then report a little more exact.

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed

Thanks. but since I dont have a Yamaha TG-500 I have no use for the preset. My hope was that it was one of all the good software synths that you had used for the lead.


Hi, this is not exactly my cup tea, but I’ll try to comment. The lead synth was interesting, and the bridge part. But I don’t like the constant drum rolls.

I did enjoy this, but the drums are a bit to strong

Thanks for listening, friends, I appreciate that a lot and thank you very much for your comments.

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed