Double vinyl release of film scores

(calimerox) #1

Hi there,

here are some snippets of a Vinyl (only) release we just released: film scores I made for
two experimental feature films “Hell´s Bells” and “Dead& Juicy”. Keep in mind it s experimental film and so is the score :wink: all done with ardour and mixbus

(Cchoowee) #2

So this is not my normal thing (more of a song guy), but I think these sound really cool. Curious as to how you get these sounds. Is it all natural sounds recorded and then processed, or do you use plugins and the like to get these? Or various combinations? Inquiring minds want to know… :slight_smile:

(calimerox) #3

Thanks for your comment, it s a hard to be answered question, as for the soundtrack work i kind of use “everything”. and often have a different approach for each film and for each scene… As for the “song” parts: usually they are real instruments (Bass, Guitar, drums) played and then post processed (sometimes a lot) , for the more ambient score like parts and experimental parts it is often a mixture of pre recorded experimental setups (mostly noise and/or electroacoustique analog performances in the studio) , synth mixed with violin recordings, etc… for plugins i use some on different stages, but mostly reverb (gverb+ or the overtone rvb), compression, limiter, the typical stuff. U-he Zebra 2 is also getting used to add some sounds to some of the deep drones. …