Don't want to hear recording track in monitor while recording

I’m using Ardour 2 & 3
I’m new to this and I’m sure when I started I could record a track and not hear it through the monitor while recording. Or was I imagining it?
Now I hear the track while recording and search as I might I cannot find a way to stop it.

Is it possible and how do I change it.

Edit - Preferences - Audio tab

Under Monitoring section change "record monitoring handled by " from ardour to audio hardware

Thanks veda_sticks,
Using "record monitoring handled by " ardour I get play back with a slight delay while recording.
Using "record monitoring handled by " audio hardware I get playback without the delay while recording.
Am I correct to think that it should be possible to not hear a track through the monitor while recording?

Use “monitoring handled by ardour” and press the “disk” monitoring button in the relevant’s track’s mixer strip.

Thanks paul,
Try as I might I cannot see “disk” monitoring button in the relevant track’s mixer strip.
I am using Adrour.

Edit last post; I am using Ardour 2 in this instance - it is an old recording.
Also: Is it possible to open Ardour 2 recordings in Ardour 3?
I haven’t had much luck.

taoleo: many/most Ardour 2 sessions will open in Ardour 3. A backup will be automatically made. Some information (e.g panning) will be lost.

Monitoring changes were one of many substantive changes to audio handling in Ardour 3.x.

what audio hardware are you using. you might need to open the relevent mixer and turn down the input.

I have a Yamaha 8 channel PA that I used to use for live performances. The output from this goes into a USB digital interface to my computer and back the interface to a stereo amp for monitoring.

Thanks Paul, your solution works!