Don't start

Start Jack. Start Ardour2.
After “Session Control” dialog in terminal I get this

System Ubuntu 8.10/kernel 2.6.27-10-generic/ardour_2.7-0(from, if install from repositories older version get errors like from 2.7-0 version.)

Do you mean by the message at the very top that says:

WARNING: Your system has a limit for maximum amount of locked memory!

     This might cause Ardour to run out of memory before your system runs

     out of memory. You can view the memory limit with 'ulimit -l', and it

     is normally controlled by /etc/security/limits.conf</blockquote></code>

You should really install a real time kernel and then modify your /etc/security/limits.conf file by adding the following lines at the end:

@audio - rtprio 100
@audio - nice -10
@audio - memlock unlimited

You have to google up a lot on realtime audio in linux before you do this so you understand.

thank you.

Hmm, I’m install rt-kernel from repositories(linux-image-rt version). And then modify /etc/security/limits.conf, but get even log

Hmmmmm, damn, not sure what might be the problem there, maybe if you delete (or just move or rename better) your .ardour folder in home dir (it’s hidden) and try again?

Someone else might know what could be wrong…

i’m delelet ardour config, but all without changes - ardour not stating. Whats wrong? Please help somebody!

Ok, wait, you did remove older ardour before compiling new one (just in case)?
Because in that log I can see some errors pointing to places like /etc/ardour2 & /usr/lib/ardour2/surfaces/

Ardour compiles with prefix default to /usr/local (and that’s it) so when you install ardour2 from source it will install in the following folders:


I believe you did install while you had the other ardour from getdeb.

I recommend go to synaptic, remove older ardour (completely remove), delete all the files and folders with name ardour in the paths I pointed above, and rebuild and install.

Oh, wait. you never did compile did you? You just installed ardour from getdeb? Maybe before compiling and installing try removing that ardour from synaptic and installing the one here:

I realy can’t understand how, but ardour start!
joegiampaoli, thank you very much! I do everything what you say.

Ok, it did start? But you did remove the version from getdeb and installed the one from ematech? Or are you still using the one from getdeb?

Anyway, I hope it does keep working, if you do have issues in the future I recommend installing the one from ematech if not yet or lear how to build from source, it’s not so hard.

Im glad it did started.

You still have a lot of reading and learning to do…like everybody else…